Guenther Gallery Loves Green Design

Guenther Gallery offers certified green frames, PEFC frames, and mats
made from 100% replenishable and recyclable materials.

Bonanza Wood Frames offered in 30 unique styles and colors,
composite wood frames certified by the Composite Panel Association’s Environmentally Preferable Product Downstream Program.

This means that each frame meets the Environmental Protection Agency's requirements by containing 100% recycled, recovered or replenishable
fiber material and is manufactured in a plant that meets industry emission standards.  Click on the Bonanza Wood link on
Framerica’s environmental page...

Larson-Juhl   Larson-Juhl partnered with American Forests in 1991 to
begin the Global ReLeaf ecosystem restoration project.  Since then,
Larson-Juhl has planted over a quarter of a million trees throughout the
world.  Guenther Gallery carries a full selection of Larson-Juhl frames
including two new collections.

The Biltmore and Sorrento Collections are Larson-Juhl's and the U.S.
framing industry's first PEFC collection.  Programme for the Endorsement
of Forest Certification, PEFC, provides an assurance mechanism to
purchasers of wood and paper products that they are promoting the
sustainable management of forests.  PEFC traces the chain of custody
of lumber product from forest to final product.  Through PEFC,  consumers
can be confident that they are purchasing a product that is from a
well-managed, sustainable forest.  Learn more about the many ways
Larson-Juhl protects the environment

Click here to learn more about PEFC sustainably managed forests

Larson-Juhl Biltmore Collection Art and Frames.  Not only do
Biltmore and Larson-Juhl share similar histories, they also share a focus
on protecting the environment.  Partnering with Biltmore,
which has been a sustainable estate since its opening in 1895,
Larson-Juhl has created the Biltmore Collection of moulding, the first
collection certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest
Certification, PEFC. Learn more about Biltmore's Global Promise...

Roma Moulding. We are pleased to carry a large selection of Roma
mouldings.  Roma’s suppliers are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
certified and follow strict guidelines.  In addition, Roma uses only
environmentally friendly packaging.  One initiative among many is the
use of a natural 100-percent biodegradable packaging material that
has replaced Styrofoam. Learn more about Roma’s commitment to the environment

Crescent Rag Mats highlight your artwork and maintain our natural
resources. Made from 100% replenishable and recyclable cotton, these
mats ensure that no mature trees will be cut down. Get the look you
want without compromising. Click here for Crescent's Home Page

In addition, we only use acid free tape, backing, and Tru-Vue UV inhibiting
glazing on everything we frame.  We care that it will look the same next
year, next decade, and next century as it did the day you picked it up
from Guenther Gallery.  Click here for Tru-Vue's Home Page